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Race circuit - future city Anomaly



Historical information
First time and location linked Race Circuit, Present
Second time and location linked Future City, Future
Open or Closed Last seen open
Travellers Three Megopteran
Jack Maitland
Connor Temple
Abby Maitland
Danny Quinn
Hilary Becker
Sarah Page
Some Special Forces teams
One Lotus Elise
Production information
Appearances Episode 3.8
Episode 3.10
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The Race Circuit - Future City Anomaly is an Anomaly linking a race circuit in the present day to a city in the Future.


Episode 3.8

This Anomaly opened up in a race circuit's hangar, and two Megopterans came through. The ARC team arrived to investigate, and one of the Megopterans was run over and killed by a car. Sarah Page then locked the Anomaly to prevent any more creatures from coming through, unaware of the second Megopteran in the hangar.

The next day, Jack Maitland decided to investigate his sister's work and went to the Race Circuit. When he was attacked by the Megopteran, he accidentally unlocked the Anomaly by running the Anomaly Locking Mechanism over with a car, and then unintentionally drove through into the Future.

The ARC team subsequently went through the Anomaly to save Jack, and despite being hindered by both Megopterans and Future Predators, they successfully found Jack. Shortly afterwards, a baby Megopteran (which had hatched from an ARC security guard the second Megopteran had killed) caused the Locking Mechanism to lock the Anomaly by standing atop the control box; marooning Jack and the team in the Future.

After trapping the Megopteran hatchling, Sarah unlocked the Anomaly, and the team and Jack immediately escaped through back to the Present. Sarah then threw the baby Megopteran back through the Anomaly in a box, and the team locked the Anomaly moments before any Predators or Megopteran could follow them through.

Episode 3.10

The team unlocked the Anomaly and went through into the Future in search of Helen Cutter. Sarah and Hilary Becker then re-locked the Anomaly, and unlocked it again two hours later; but Danny, Connor and Abby did not return through.

Series 3 - Series 4

Becker and Sarah lead several rescue missions through to the Future City using this Anomaly. Sarah was killed and did not return though it but Becker did.


  • It is believed by fans that the Future City future was negated and this Anomaly led to the Sterile Earth Future until that future was presumed to be negated as well. It is hard to tell whether the "two futures" seen were the same future but different time zones or time periods or indeed a different future timelines.

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