Princess was the name given to a female Dracorex that was kept by the ARC in their Menagerie after the creature travelled through two Anomalies to the present day.


Episode 3.7

This Dracorex came through an Anomaly to London in the Medieval ages, and terrorised a nearby London town. The town eventually sent Sir William de Mornay to kill the Dracorex, and Sir William located the creature in the nearby woods and injured her by stabbing a stake into her side. The wounded Dracorex then fled from Sir William through another Anomaly into a junkyard in 21st Century London.

3x7 Dracorex 32

Princess cornered in a scrapyard. (Episode 3.7)

The Dracorex initially attacked a worker at the junkyard, who tried to defend himself by trying to kill the Dracorex with a car-crushing crane until the ARC team arrived and stopped him. The team then tried to scare the Dracorex into going back through the Anomaly, but the creature instead escaped and retreated when Sir William came through the Anomaly after her.

Abby Maitland and Hilary Becker later tracked the Dracorex down to a strawberry farm, where she scared the workers off and started eating the strawberries there. When the Dracorex noticed Abby and Becker, she charged and them and attacked, but collapsed from her injury before she could harm Becker. Abby and Becker then took the unconscious Dracorex back to the junkyard, where Abby treated her injury and decided to keep her until the ARC could return her to the Cretaceous.

Episode 4.1

After the ARC was shut down and revived, the Dracorex from the Medieval was kept in the new ARC's Menagerie with the other creatures that the ARC failed to return to their times. The Dracorex was also then named Princess. One day, Princess escaped the Menagerie into the ARC's corridors when Jess Parker opened an airlock too early during maintenance.

Princess rampaged through the ARC and, after a brief confrontation with Matt Anderson, made her way to the main control hub. There, Princess cornered Jess but was then distracted by James Lester's untimely arrival. Matt then coaxed Princess into Lester's office using a bucket of water, and locked the Dracorex inside. Shortly after, Becker went into the office and tranquilised Princess, and presumably had her returned to the Menagerie. 
4x1 Dracorex 29

Princess drinking from a bin. (Episode 4.1)


  • The Dracorex was probably given the name Princess as princesses are commonly associated with dragons which the Dracorex looks similar to.
  • It is uncertain if Princess is the Dracorex's name, or just a one-off remark by Matt.
  • She is the first dinosaur in Primeval to be given a name, second was Spring-Heeled Jack and third was Baba Yaga.