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This article is written from the real world point of view (not from the Primeval Universe).

Primeval title from Series 1, 2 and 3


Primeval title card from Series 4 and 5

The Primeval title sequence (or opening titles) is the video sequence seen at the beginning of every episode. It featured a number of Anomaly shards with pictures of the main cast members in them, accompanied by their names, as well as video clips of the creatures reflected some of the shards. The Peter Anderson Studio designed the Series 1 to 3 title sequences although it is unknown if they also did the Series 4 and 5 sequence. The Primeval Theme Tune was played over the top of it.

Series 1

Those featured in the title sequence for Series 1 are:

Title Sequence:
Primeval Season 1 Intro00:34

Primeval Season 1 Intro.

Notes: The very start of the title sequence was adjusted differently in each episode to compensate for the "previously" segment. The theme tune was adjusted for the same reason.

Series 2

Those featured in the title sequence for Series 2 are:

Title Sequence:
Primeval Season 2 Intro00:36

Primeval Season 2 Intro.

Notes: This series used the same cast images as the last series, except for Lucy Brown, due to playing a different character. All except two of the creature video clips were changed. Also, the Anomaly shards had a light blue tinge unlike the grey in Series 1 and 3.

Series 3

Those featured in the title sequence for Series 3 are:

Title Sequence:
Primeval - Series 3 Opening Theme Intro00:35

Primeval - Series 3 Opening Theme Intro

Episode 3.6 to 3.10 credits

Notes: Ben Mansfield was a main character in every episode but was not credited in the intro until Episode 3.6 onwards. Also, the casts images were changed to promos instead of screenshots. The Wakeling/Theobald shard presented a creature clip instead of a cast's image. The creature clips were all changed to Series 2 creatures except the Pristichampsus from Episode 3.1.

Series 4 and Series 5

For these series of Primeval, after its it's cancellation, a new type introduction video was made. It was based on the original type but was more three dimensional and the Anomaly shards were changed from black and grey to orange and gold. The cast's names were still shown, but their images were not, only video clips of creatures were shown including the sound produced by the creatures in the clips. The Theme Tune was recomposed to compensate for the shorter title sequence.

Those featured in the title sequence for Series 4 and Series 5 are:

Title Sequence:
Primeval Series 4 Intro00:33

Primeval Series 4 Intro

Notes: These series shared the same title sequence, due to them being made at the same time.

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