"Its a prototype, it's not meant to be sexy."
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Creatures Megopteran
Setting Anomaly Research Centre, Present
Christine Johnson's Headquarters, Present
Future City, Future
Series Primeval Evolved
Episode 9
Parent episode Episode 3.9
Released 25th May 2009
Preceded by Episode 3.9
Followed by Episode 3.10

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Primeval Evolved Week 9 was the ninth episode of interactive series Primeval Evolved. It was released alongside Episode 3.9.

Lab Work

Lester calls you to his office, as he has found out from security camaras that you have been helping Helen Cutter, who you thought was Eve, and he gets very angry with you. To repay for what you have done you have to go to Christine Johnson's headquarters to investigate an anomaly.

Game 9:

When you get there you are attacked by a Megopteran, and you must defend yourself by throwing objects that were left in the room at the creature. Eventually you forced through the anomaly into the future.


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