Creatures None
Setting Anomaly Research Centre
Series Primeval Evolved
Episode 2
Parent episode Episode 3.2
Released 6th April 2009
Preceded by Episode 3.2
Followed by Episode 3.3

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Primeval Evolved Week 2 was the second episode of interactive series Primeval Evolved. It was released alongside Episode 3.2.

Lab Work

Jenny enters your lab and introduces herself - she says that her job is to take care of public relations at the ARC. She tells you that if anything about the anomalies and creatures got out then there would be widespread panic. She goes on to remind you that everything you do must remain a secret, before leaving.

Game 2: Magnetised

Eve complements your work, before informing you of an experiment set up by Connor involving an important breakthrough about the anomalies. She say that you need to go to Connor's lab, complete that experiment and send her photos of the results. You then enter Connor's lab and find an experiment involving magnetite. You balance the magnetic field by growing the same amount of magnetite in each bowl. You then take some photos and send them to Eve. She is worried about the consequences of the ARC being able to influence anomalies.


  • Email - Jenny warns you about a journalist named Mick Harper, who has been sending emails to all the staff, and says that you must tell him nothing about the ARC. Mick Harper asks you if you would be interested in giving him some information about your job.
  • Microscope - Magnetite.
  • Radio - A report of the death of estate agent Jimmy Keel who died while trying to sell a haunted house, the same house where fourteen years ago three boys disappeared due to a poltergeist.
  • Sketchbook - Camouflage Beast.
  • Connor's Vlog - Due to his recent experience in what he thought was a haunted house, Connor ponders the existence of ghosts.
  • In-tray - Becker tells you that because of Mick Harper's email there will be a review of email security protocols.
  • Voicemail - Sarah informs you that the ARC's cafeteria isn't very good, and invites you to join her at another café.
  • Clue Word - 'Ghost'

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