Creatures None
Setting Anomaly Research Centre
Series Primeval Evolved
Episode 1
Parent episode Episode 3.1
Released 30th March 2009
Preceded by Episode 3.1
Followed by Episode 3.2

User reviews

Primeval Evolved Week 1 was the first episode of interactive series Primeval Evolved. It was released alongside Episode 3.1.

Lab Work

Connor arrives in your lab with Sarah Page, discussing Sarah's current assignment of researching the Qilin, an ancient Chinese unicorn. Sarah greets you, telling you about her job of documenting mythological creatures and linking them to prehistoric or futuristic creatures, and also commenting on how surreal the new job is. As the two leave Connor tells you to check your emails.

Game 1: Myth Mapper

Eve contacts you and tells you about a new theory that Cutter is working on. She doesn't know what it is yet, but she knows it will bring about bad consequences. But the only way to convince Cutter to stop is if she shows him hard proof. Eve instructs you sneak into Cutter's office, take photos of whatever is there and send them to her. You proceed to enter Cutter's office, where you connect points that mark famous mythological creatures on a map, but without crossing the same path twice. Once this is completed, you take the photos and send them to Eve. She then warns you about Christine Johnson, military liason to the ARC, who apparently is extremely dangerous.


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