Creatures Huge Hippopotamus
Setting Anomaly Research Centre
Series Primeval Evolved
Episode Introduction
Parent episode Episode 3.1
Released March 2009
Preceded by Extinction Event
Followed by Episode 3.1

User reviews

Primeval Evolved Intro was the introduction to interactive series Primeval Evolved. It was released before Episode 3.1.

Lab Work

It is your first day at your new job working as a lab assistant at the Anomaly Research Centre. Lester welcomes you and shows you around the building, before taking you to your home lab. You are then greeted by Connor and Abby, who show you around the lab, as well as giving you a welcoming gift - your research journal. Suddenly your telly turns on and a woman named Eve appears. She tells you about how Nick Cutter changed history, and enlists you on a mission to stop history changing again, otherwise the ARC, and maybe even the entire world, would be in catastrophic danger. She also says that you need to look out for the Artefact.


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