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This article is written from the real world point of view (not from the Primeval Universe).
New World logo

The title card for Primeval: New World, Season 1.

The Primeval: New World title sequence is the video sequence seen at the beginning of almost all episodes. It features a number of green Anomaly-like atoms smashing, accompanied by the names of the main cast members, as well as video clips of the show, reflected in anomaly shards. The New World introductory theme tune is played over the top of it, although a separate theme tune is played on the end credits.

Season 1

Primeval New World Opening Credits00:26

Primeval New World Opening Credits

Season 1 of New World's opening credits

The Season 1's title sequence is loosely based on the two original title sequences featured on the original Primeval. It featured in every Season 1 episode except The New World.

Those featured in the title sequence for Season 1 are:


Video Clip

Introductory End

At the intro's end, the Primeval: New World title is shown, and a set of silhouette claws strike though the title, accompanied by growling. 

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