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Primeval: New World poster.


« "They're back and they're hungry." »
— Season tagline

Primeval: New World was a Canadian television programme, and a spin-off to the original British Primeval series. New World was set in Vancouver, Canada, and followed a new Anomaly research team: Evan Cross' Special Projects Group.


Space originally announced on 7 March, 2012 that production for Primeval: New World was underway. One season of Primeval: New World containing thirteen 45 minute episodes was subsequently produced and developed in association with Space and Impossible Pictures.


Primeval New World Opening Credits00:26

Primeval New World Opening Credits

Primeval: New World opening credits.

Primeval: New World follows the Special Projects Group of Cross Photonics - a team of animal experts and scientists led by Cross Photonics visionary inventor Evan Cross - and their investigation into the Anomalies and their attempts to combat the creatures which come through them and put them back where they belong to stop history from changing.

Season 1

The first and only season of Primeval: New World, Season 1 focused primarily on how the Special Projects Group members' protect the public from the creatures and Anomalies, as well as discovering the events, secrets and circumstances surrounding the 2006 Albertosaurus incursion which led to the team coming together in the first place. The season also has a secondary focus on Colonel Henderson Hall's secret plans for the Anomalies and the creatures through Project Magnet.

Episode title Episode
Director Writer(s) Airdate Main creature(s)
The New World 1 Martin Wood Judith Reeves-Stevens
Garfield Reeves-Stevens
29 October, 2012 Pteranodon
Sisiutl 2 Andy Mikita Judith Reeves-Stevens
Garfield Reeves-Stevens
5 November, 2012 Titanoboa
Fear of Flying 3 Mike Rohl Jon Cooksey 12 November, 2012 Jurassic Beetles
Angry Birds 4 Andy Mikita Gillian Horvath 19 November, 2012 Terror Birds
Undone 5 Mike Rohl Sarah Dodd 26 November, 2012 Lycaenops
Clean Up on Aisle Three 6 Amanda Tapping Peter Hume 3 December, 2012 Daemonosaurus
Babes in the Woods 7 Andy Mikita Katherine Collins 10 December, 2012 Ornitholestes
Truth 8 Amanda Tapping Gillian Horvath 17 December, 2012 Pachycephalosaurus
Albertosaurus (hallucination)
Breakthrough 9 Andy Mikita Judith Reeves-Stevens
Garfield Reeves-Stevens
22 January, 2013 Triceratops
The Great Escape 10 Amanda Tapping Dennis Heaton 29 January, 2013 Terror Bird
The Inquisition 11 Martin Wood Jon Cooksey 5 February, 2013 -
The Sound of Thunder: Part 1 12 Martin Wood Peter Hume 12 February, 2013 Brontoscorpio
The Sound of Thunder: Part 2 13 Martin Wood Gillian Horvath
Katherine Collins
19 February, 2013 Albertosaurus


Main cast

Guest cast


Additional scenes

The DVD release of Primeval: New World includes several scenes and extensions in some episodes, that were not in the original broadcast version:

  • The New World - After returning to the Tank from the Anomaly hunt with Drake in Stanley Park, Evan has a more extended flashback of the 2006 Albertosaurus incursion. Also, due to this, the flashback to the 2006 incursion at the end of The New World is shorter than in the Canadian airing.
  • Clean Up on Aisle Three - After the Canadian Tire security guard's body and the Hindu artefact are found, Dylan sings a Hindu lullaby as Mac and Evan watch, then explains the song's significance to them.
  • Babes in the Woods - There is an extra, epilogue scene at the end, in which Ken Leeds and Major Douglas discuss the former's loyalties at the military laboratory.


On 21 February 2013, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Primeval: New World had been cancelled after a single season. Low ratings for the series caused Space and Bell Media to decide against renewing the show for a second season. However, attempts have been made to try and change the decision to cancel Primeval: New World and get the show renewed for a second season.[1]

As of March 2015, New World still had not been revived.


  • The New World season was split into two parts, the first part consisting of episodes 1 - 8, and the second of episodes 9 - 13.
  • Primeval: New World never featured any creatures from the future, excluding the ARC team from the near future in The Sound of Thunder: Part 2.
  • Connor Temple was the only character from the original Primeval show to make an appearance in Primeval: New World.
  • Primeval: New World's website claimed that sixteen CGI models were created for the series but only  twelve prehistoric creatues were seen.
    • A present day CGI bear and a prostetic giant Dragonfly appeared making fourteen.




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