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Picture This!
Novel information
Series Totally Primeval comic strips
Author Brian Williamson
Release date 24th February 2011
Publisher Titan Magazines
Recommended retail price
Preceded by:
Episode 4.6
Eye Strain
Followed by:
Episode 4.7
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Picture This! is a comic strip story based on the ITV science-fiction series Primeval.


When an Anomaly in an art gallery opens, the Anomaly Research Centre are quickly sent to investigate. The team split in two, with Jess Parker and Captain Becker in one pair and Connor Temple and Abby Maitland also working together. Becker and Jess soon discover they are being followed by the 'King of the Dinosaurs', Tyrannosaurus rex.

The two split up. Becker distracts the dinosaur while Jess locates the anomaly. She soon realises that she hasn't been looking hard enough for the Anomaly and turns out the lights. She then finds that the Anomaly had opened next to a piece of art, camouflaging itself. Becker leads the T. rex through the Anomaly, breaking an eight million pound piece of art in the process.








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