« "Keep smiling! And if you say the words 'big cat' again, I'll sue you!" »
— Peter Cambell warning Cutter about disrupting his park[src]

Peter Campbell was the park manager of Blue Sky Theme Park and was the boss of Valerie Irwin.


Episode 2.3

After a prehistoric big cat attacked and killed a guest paintballer, Valerie was informed and she subsequently told Peter. Sometime later, the Anomaly Research Centre team arrived at the park. While walking through the park with Nick Cutter, Jenny Lewis and Valerie, Nick tried to convince Peter to close the park down, but in the end, Jenny made a deal with him just to shut the paintball area off instead. Peter placed a Blue Sky Park sticker on Nick's jacket and warned him not to disturb the park.

Later on, Peter dressed in a Lion costume, to lighten the mood of the park guests. Unfortunately Connor Temple mistook him as a creature and shot at him. Luckily, the bullet only penetrated the plastic head of the costume, but it was a near miss. Terribly upset, Peter stormed away, and had to go to a meeting at his head office to discuss "why somebody was shooting at his guests".

On his way to the train station, he was stalked by the hungry Smilodon. He tried to hide inside the station's building, but the Smilodon broke in and chased him down the railway tracks and tore him to pieces on the rails. Train-spotter; Kenny Johnson witnessed Peter's death and photographed the incident. However, the ARC later confiscated his SD card.

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