The Peruvian jungle Anomaly is an Anomaly linking first a jungle, then later an Incan Temple, in present day Peru to the Pliocene epoch.


Shadow of the Jaguar

This Anomaly first opened up in a Peruvian jungle, and a Future Bird and six Thylacosmilus under the Bird's control travelled through to the present. The Anomaly was found in the jungle by Cam Bairstow, and then moved location to an Incan temple shortly afterwards (implying it is on a temporal fault line).

Eventually, the Anomaly Research Centre team were able to locate the Anomaly in the temple, by which time it was weakening. The Future Bird fled back into the Pliocene through the Anomaly when the ARC team disrupted its control over the Thylacosmilus, and the unconscious Thylacosmilus were subsequently returned through the Anomaly minutes before it closed.

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