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The Permian hills was a range of hills, located in the Permian period. The hills were covered in conifers, volcanic rocks and ash, inhabited by Coelurosauravus, Scutosaurus and Gorgonopsids.


Future Predator incursion

An Anomaly to the Permian hills opened in the Forest of Dean circa 2006 - 2007. When Helen Cutter discovered one of a family of Future Predators in the Permian, the Predator family followed her through the Forest of Dean Anomaly to the present. Nick Cutter, Helen, Tom Ryan and two other Special Forces soldiers later went into the Permian hills with the Future Predator young to find the possible Anomaly to the future in the Permian.

The mother Predator soon arrived and killed Tom and the soldiers, then attacked a Gorgonopsid that started eating the young. The Future Predator caused the Gorgonopsid horrible injuries, but the Gorgonopsid was ultimately able to crush the Predator to death and took her body to eat. Nick and Helen then left the soldiers' camp in ruins and buried the fallen men (and Helen's camera) in the Permian hills, and returned to the present through the Forest of Dean Anomaly, unaware that two baby Predators were still alive and in the Permian. After Stephen Hart refused to come with Helen, she returned to the Permian hills through the Forest of Dean Anomaly to find the future Anomaly on her own. (Episode 1.6) The Forest of Dean Anomaly closed moments after Helen returned to the hills (Episode 2.1) and she presumably found the future Anomaly. (Episode 2.7)

Original incursion

Circa 1998, the same Forest of Dean Anomaly to the Permian hills was open, but apparently linked to a point years later in the Permian, after the botched mission to find the future. A Gorgonopsid came through to the present, and chased Helen Cutter through the Anomaly into the Permian.

Eight years later (a matter of months in the present before the failed mission to find the future in the Permian would occur), a Coelurosauravus came through and was found by Ben Trent, then later adopted by Abby Maitland and named Rex. A Scutosaurus also came through and led Cutter and the team to the Anomaly. Cutter and Ryan went through the Anomaly with Rex and searched in the Permian hills for Helen. They found the remains of the camp their future selves had left in the Permian on the botched search for the future Anomaly, and the two then returned through the Forest of Dean Anomaly (taking Helen's camera) from the Permian hills to the present, just before the Anomaly closed. (Episode 1.1)


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