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This flat was the base of Patrick Quinn (masquerading as Ethan Dobrowski) after he returned to the present, located in London near Matt Anderson's flat.


Episode 4.3

After coming through an Anomaly to the 21st century, Ethan quickly escaped the Cooper Street theatre where the anomaly was located in when his travelling companion Charlotte Cameron died. He went to this flat, which was in visual range of Matt's flat, where Matt was keeping Emily Merchant (whom Ethan blamed for Charlotte's death) safe. He swiftly killed the person who owned this flat and took it over as a base.

Episode 4.4

Very soon, Ethan managed to get into Matt's flat and kidnap Emily, while Matt was away, and brought her to the flat.

Episode 4.6

Ethan later left the flat, but not before setting up a trap. Captain Becker tracked him down, and arrived at the flat, which was deserted. Becker soon discovered the bomb booby-trap, though Jess Parker was able to save Becker.

At some point, Matt retrieved Emily's dagger from the evidence from Ethan's flat. (Episode 5.2)


Its possible that during the 2011 Convergence an Anomaly opened up in Patrick's flat, as when Becker dispatched a creature with an EMD on the stairs, the stairs looked identical to those seen in Ethan's flat. (Episode 5.5)

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