Pallavi Grewal was Jim's new co-pilot on Eastern Airlines Flight 443, and was close to him. She died in the Jurassic after accidentally flying in a plane through an Anomaly.


Fear of Flying

While Jim and Pallavi were piloting Eastern Airlines Flight 443 from Spring River Airport, they accidentally flew through an Anomaly into a Jurassic desert when the Anomaly opened directly in front of their plane.

Evan Cross and Dylan Weir eventually arrived to help Jim and Pallavi repair the plane so as to fly it back through the Anomaly. Pallavi was initially left semi-catatonic and shaken when Jurassic Beetles killed Jim and besieged her, Evan and Dylan in the plane, and wrote a letter to her family.

Eventually, Pallavi regained her composure and prepared to try and fly the plane back through the Anomaly. But before Pallavi could fully start the plane up, the Beetles broke into the cockpit, where they swarmed over Pallavi and apparently devoured and killed her. Evan later took Pallavi's note to her family back to the present with him so that she and Jim would not be forgotten.

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