An oscilloscope was a type of electronic test instrument which would allow observation of constantly varying signal voltages. It could also display non-electrical signals such as sound and vibration by conversion to voltages.


Episode 1.6

The Central Metropolitan University Department of Evolutionary Zoology was in possession of an oscilloscope. Due to Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart's ties to the Home Office Anomaly research team, they used it while hunting and tracking a Future Predator in the woodland near Wellington Zoo, after they learned that the Predator tracked them using echolocation. Cutter sent Connor Temple to get their oscilloscope from CMU's Toyota Hilux. but when Connor retrieved and activated the oscilloscope, it immediately began going off as the Future Predator arrived and stalked the car Connor was in.

Afterwards, Connor and the team used the oscilloscope to track the Future Predator's lair down to a crate storage warehouse, due to the oscilloscope picking up the Predator young's sonar. Later when one Predator had been caught, the oscilloscope detected another Predator, unfortunately nobody noticed it.

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