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The Primeval novels are a series of spin-off books based on the ITV science fiction series of the same name. The novels are new, canon stories rather than reboots or novelisations, and each book chronologically takes place between two episodes of the Primeval TV series.


The Primeval novels generally focus overall on the Anomaly Research Centre team's efforts to combat Anomaly incursions overseas when Anomalies begin opening in other parts of the world outside of the United Kingdom.


Title Writer Release date Set after Set before
Shadow of the Jaguar Steven Savile 13 May, 2008 Episode 2.3 The Lost Island
The Lost Island Paul Kearney 25 November, 2008 Shadow of the Jaguar Episode 2.4
Extinction Event Dan Abnett 3 March, 2009 Episode 2.7 Episode 3.1
Fire and Water Simon Guerrier 27 April, 2009 Episode 3.5 Episode 3.6



  • It was rumoured that there would be a fifth original Primeval novel taking place during the time frame of Series 4 and Series 5.

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