The Official Secrets Act is a stock short title used in countries such as the United Kingdom for legislation that provides for the protection of state secrets and official information, mainly related to national security.


Episode 1.1

After the discovery of the Forest of Dean Anomaly incursion, Nick Cutter and Abby Maitland were forced by Home Office official; Claudia Brown to sign the Official Secrets Act, after Claudia declared the incursion classified. They signed the documents at the Home Office while being observed by James Lester, Claudia and other officials. Stephen Hart and Connor Temple signed as well after the incursion was dealt with.

Episode 1.2

Connor told his friends Tom and Duncan that he had encountered a phenomenon "Anomalies" and a live Gorgonopsid but couldn't tell them the rest because of the Secrets Act. Fortunately they didn't believe him and Connor was apparently not punished for his treason.

Episode 5.1

Miss Reece was not told about the line of work at the Anomaly Research Centre because of the Secrets Act, even though she was employed at the Cabinet Office and was vetting the ARC's private investor; Philip Burton.

The New World

Connor notified Evan Cross that he was breaking the Secrets Act when warning him about the Anomalies and the creatures that came through them.


  • Despite the Anomaly Research Centre using the Official Secrets Act (confirmed Episode 5.1), several team members revealed information about the secret Anomaly/ARC operations, without consequence. Most notably:

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