The North Sea - Jurassic Sea Anomaly is a large, underwater Anomaly linking the North Sea in the Present to an ocean in the Jurassic period.


Episode 5.2

When this Anomaly opened, a Liopleurodon came through into the North Sea, and a Swimming Theropod was also sucked through into the North Sea by the change in water pressure. Later, a HMS Gartside submarine was dragged by the Anomaly's magnetic field through into the Jurassic when the submarine's propeller was jammed, and the Liopleurodon followed it back through.

The submarine was eventually able to return through the Anomaly to the Present. It then fired a torpedo containing an Anomaly Locking Mechanism through the Anomaly, locking it (though not before a second, nuclear missile was fired through into the Jurassic).

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