Night-vision Goggles are eyewear that allow a user to see at night time or dark environments.


Episode 1.2

A Special Forces team uses binocular Night-vision goggles to search an Underground tunnel for creatures.
1x2 Arachnid 9

Giant Archnids as seen by the Special Forces

Episode 2.3

The Anomaly Research Centre team use binocular heat sensitive camera goggles, to see a thermal images, while searching for a Smilodon at night.
Episode2.3 20

Connor Temple misusing his thermal goggles to check out how "hot" Abby looks

Episode 2.5

Two of Oliver Leek's mercenaries and the Cleaner used monocular night-vision goggles for a night time mission into the Silurian but after being attacked by giant scorpions, the goggles were left behind.

Later, during the day, Nick Cutter and Stephen Hart, on their own mission, found one of the goggles left in the sand. Cutter discovered that the goggles' recordings had proof that the was a traitor in the ARC so he bagged all of the mercenaries' belongings for later inspection. After some scorpions attacked the pair, Cutter dropped the bag, he returned for the goggles despite Stephen's objections.

Back in the present day, at the ARC, Cutter left the night-vision goggles in his office for later study as he went to get a cup of coffee. However on his return, he found they had been stolen.