This house belonged to Nick Cutter and was located in London. Nick's wife, Helen previously lived there until 1998/1999 when she left to travel through the Anomalies.


Original timeline

In 2006/2007, after alerting the Home Office team to a creature incursion, Helen made herself at home again and discussed with Nick how he hadn't redecorated or changed the house since she last saw it, eight years previously. Later that night, Nick was outside the spare bedroom when Helen came out. She flirtatiously noted that they never made new sleeping arrangements now that she'd returned, and Nick bluntly declared he'd sleep in the spare room. Helen suggested that they share their old bedroom, noting they're technically still married, and when she began to get intimate, Nick bluntly asked her to stand aside so he could pass. He went in, closed the door, and Helen was left alone in the hallway, smiling to herself. (Episode 1.6)

Post-original timeline

Sometime in 2009, Nick returned to his home, unaware that Helen was inside collecting his DNA samples. She escaped, leaving the front door open, just as Nick heard her. He dismissed the idea that someone was there and he locked the front door. (Episode 3.2)

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