"Do you have any idea, how many clauses of the Health and Safety Guidelines this breaches?"
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New Dawn was a facility used by Prospero Industries CEO Philip Burton to plan the project of the same name .


The facility was originally a power plant that became disused at some point. Philip Burton purchased the facility for Prospero to work on the New Dawn project, which involved sucking "free" energy from the Anomalies. (Episode 5.2) At some point construction on an Anomaly creating machine started. (Episode 5.1)

Episode 5.1

Philip took his newest recruit Connor Temple to the facility, presenting the New Dawn concept and unfinished machine to him, but first making him sign a confidentiality agreement promising not to tell anyone. He said that he aimed to produce clean, safe, unlimited energy to give free to the whole world. Philip took Connor to the control room and assigned April Leonard as Connor's new assistant.

Episode 5.4

When the Anomaly Research Centre came under attack from a swarm of Future Beetles also threatening the public, Philip activated a self-destruct at the ARC from the facility but the wiring was disabled by the beetles. Later Connor travelled to the facility from the ARC to forgive Philip but when the latter left, Connor searched the facility's computers and found an audio recording of Helen Cutter. This lead to Connor turning against Prospero.

Episode 5.5

In the convergence, an anomaly opened up near there, letting through a flock of Anurognathus. (Episode 5.5)

Episode 5.6

Philip later self-destructed the building in an attempt to stop the New Dawn Anomaly. Most of the building's leftover debris was sucked through the anomaly by its magnetic field. (Episode 5.6)

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