The New Dawn Machine was a machine constructed by Prospero Industries at the New Dawn Facility and used by Philip Burton as part of New Dawn. When brought online, the machine would create a stable, man-made Anomaly and close all other Anomalies open at the time. It was used to create the New Dawn Anomaly.


The New Dawn Machine was designed by Philip Burton and built in the New Dawn facility. Philip planned to activate the machine once Convergence started in 2011, and to use it to close all of the Convergence Anomalies and create a massive, man-made Anomaly to use as an infinite energy resource.

Episode 5.1

Philip showed the New Dawn Machine to Connor Temple and had him construct a miniature prototype of it to test if the New Dawn Machine would work.

Episode 5.4

After the New Dawn Prototype successfully created the First Man-made Anomaly, Philip had the New Dawn Machine prepared for activation once Convergence started.

Episode 5.5

When Convergence started and the New Dawn Machine was prepared for activation, Connor tried to hack into the machine's computer to shut it down, but Philip locked him out of the system. Connor then climbed onto the Machine and tried to sabotage it by reversing the accelerator coil. However, as Philip had prepared for this Connor had unintentionally made the New Dawn Machine ready by doing this. Philip then fully activated the machine, and it created the New Dawn Anomaly and closed all of the Anomalies that had opened for Convergence.

Episode 5.6

When the New Dawn Anomaly started expanding too quickly to be controlled and Philip realised what he had done by activating New Dawn, he self-destructed the New Dawn facility in an attempt to stop the Anomaly; apparently destroying the New Dawn Machine along with the building.

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