Natalie is a character that appears in Primeval: New World. She is Toby Nance's ex-girlfriend and the head of the Burlesque Girls.

In Primeval: New World

Babes in the Woods (New World Episode 1.7)

The episode Babes in the Woods introduces Natalie and the rest of Burlesue Girls participating in a photo shoot located in an outdoors cabin. Before the last shot is completed, the photographer, Bobby, steps outside for a smoke. There, he is lured by an Ornitholestes into the woods and is killed.

Some time later, Toby and Mac Rendell arrive at the cabin. Natalie and the others were aware that something was wrong since the photographer didn't return, and the other four models drive off. Natalie tarries behind to talk to Toby, and the dinosaur returns, startling them. Panicked, Natalie steps on the gas pedal, and she, Mac and Toby drive off faster than the dinosaur can chase them.

Natalie loses control of her actions, so Toby tasers her into unconsciousness, causing her to drive off the road and crash the car. She recovers quickly and the trio begin to walk towards the anomaly on foot.

Along the way, they run into a grizzly bear, but Toby's quick thinking and good memory enable them to scare the bear off without any casualties.

They arrive at the anomaly first, and as Mac goes to help Evan Cross and the others with the captured dinosaur, Toby and Natalie remain at the site. Natalie appears to be really entranced by the anomaly and even goes to touch it, but Toby prevents her from doing that that the last moment.

Then the Ornitholestes arrives, causing Natalie and Toby to jump off the bridge to let it get to the time anomaly. They manage to hang onto the bridge long enough for Mac and Evan to pull them back onto it.

At the end of the episode, Natalie, Mac and Toby run off to the van to get back to Vancouver, leaving the others guarding the time anomaly.


  • Natalie and Toby Nance are the first non-hetrosexual characters in the Primeval franchise.

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