A nailgun is a type of power tool that usually utilizes electromagnetic charges or compressed air to propel nails, staples, or brads into a material at a high rate of speed. They can sometimes be used as improvised weaponry. The nailgun used in Primeval is identified as a Hitachi NV Series modified by Wurth UK.


  • In Episode 5.1, Matt Anderson entered a gas-filled shopping centre to rescue Connor Temple from a plethora of Giant Burrowing Insects. When he realises that the insects are beginning to awaken, he grabs a nailgun that he finds on the floor, and shoots one of them three times, killing it. It is unknown whether Matt kills any more of them with the nailgun, but it is unlikely, as getting Connor out was his main focus.


  • Even though it takes multiple gunshots and several minutes to kill the first Burrowing Insect, the one that Matt killed was instantly killed by only three nails.
  • A nailgun called the EXP-88, made by Tornado Fixings, is used as the base for all EMD models used in Primeval. All four types, even the rifle, are built off of these high-powered nailguns.

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