The Mount Seymour Anomaly was an Anomaly linking a forest on the northern side of Mount Seymour in the present day to the Jurassic period.


This Anomaly opened, and two Ornitholestes came through. After having come to investigate, the Cross Photonics Special Projects Group eventually found the Anomaly, and Evan Cross left Toby Nance and Natalie guarding it. The team later succeeded in chasing one of the two creatures back through the Anomaly, and Angelika Finch convinced Evan to have Project Magnet called in to contain the Anomaly and deal with the remaining Ornitholestes. (Babes in the Woods)

After securing the Anomaly site, Ken Leeds subsequently sent his men through the Anomaly to collect creatures, bacteria and vegetation from the Jurassic for Project Magnet. (Babes in the Woods, The Inquisition)

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