Moria Lennnon was a farmer who appeared in Episode 4.5. She lived in the village of Witchfield Cove.

She was first seen inside the local bar with her son, Ray, and when he said that someone was killed by the "Witchfield Worm", she didn't believe him because she thought it didn't exist. Sometime later, Connor Temple and Abby Maitland were at her farm when she caught them snooping around. She held them at gunpoint and told them to drop their weapons and remove their earpieces. She demanded to know what they were doing there, and Connor told her that the creature was form the past and had come through a hole in time, which she didn't believe. Ray came in and distracted his mother, allowing the pair to escape. Moria feared they were going to be arrested because of their fuel-smuggling, and Ray told her there was a place they could hide it.

Sometime later she drove off with some of the fuel while her son knocked out Connor, who was in the cave they were going to keep the fuel. She arrived to find that the Witchfield Worm, in actuality an juvenile Labyrinthodont, was real and that her son had kept it locked in the cave, but released an adult to kill the boy before he discovered their smuggling. Moria was horrified by what her son had done, but soon the adult returned and killed the pair of them.

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