Connor Temple: "Hang on...You named your stick?"
Danny Quinn: "Listen, it was just me and those terror birds for six months. Believe me, you start naming things."
―Danny, on why he named a stick.

Molly was the name given to a club-like stick from the Pliocene by Danny Quinn, when he was trapped there.


After Helen Cutter was killed by a Raptor, Danny found Molly on the ground, and tried to fight off the raptor with it, but he stopped when he saw that both the raptor and Helen were dead. He wryly thanked the dead raptor before dropping Molly on the ground. (Episode 3.10) However, it is presumed that, when he returned to Helen's dead body and found the documents with Philip Burton's name on them, he also found Molly, and he kept her, from then on.

Later on, after Danny spent more than a year traveling through multiple anomalies, he returned to the present day with Molly. He later uses it to knock out a Terror Bird and sent it through a satellite anomaly shortly before his fateful rendezvous with his brother. Emily Merchant knocked one of the birds out with Molly before giving it to Danny when he chases his brother Patrick through an anomaly. (Episode 4.7)

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