The Mini Cooper is a small British car that has been produced by many companies since 1961.


Episode 1.1

After receiving a letter about an unusual lizard, Abby Maitland went to a house in the Forest of Dean to investigate. She drove at the house in her Mini Cooper.

Episode 1.4

When Connor Temple arrived at the front door to Abby's flat, her Mini was seen parked out front. She later drove an infected Tom to the Matchroom Stadium in her Mini.

Episode 1.5

While Abby was at her yoga class, she entrusted Connor with Rex and her car. Connor got a call from Nick Cutter saying that there has been another creature incursion, he rushed to the car, forgetting to close the windows. Rex got out, and as Connor hopped into Abby's Mini, Rex flew in through the open door. After Connor arrived at the site of the incursion, a Special Forces soldier noticed Rex in the back of Abby's car. As Connor got out of the car, Rex somehow escaped onto the roof, and evaded Connor's attempts to capture him.

Episode 2.3

Abby quickly dropped Connor off at a cafe, where his girlfriend, Caroline Steel was waiting for him. After a quick exchange, Connor kissed her, and burned his tongue on his coffee, before getting back into Abby's Mini Cooper and they drove to the Anomaly Research Centre.


"Ouch! Connor, that's my..." -Becker finds out the hard way that the Mini has very little interior room.

Episode 3.4

As a Giganotosaurus rampaged through an airport, Abby arrived on the scene in her new Mini. She got out and inspects Connor's work on his Anomaly Locking Mechanism. However, when the Giganotosaurus attacked a nearby Boeing 747, Abby drove her mini to the action. She followed Captain Becker and Jenny Lewis as the pursued the creature, but held back while it attacked their truck. After Danny Quinn distracted the dinosaur with a helicopter, she picked up Becker, Jenny, and Connor, and headed back to the hangar. They got to the anomaly before the Giganotosaurus did, allowing Danny to guide the dinosaur through by using the helicopter.

Episode 4.6

Michael Miller used his 2010 Mini Cooper to get to the Stately Home where he was to wed the very next day.


  • Abby's mini changed between each series:
    • In Series 1, it was a dark green 1992 Rover Mini Cooper MkVI.
    • In Series 2, it was a dark blue 2003 Mini Cooper.
    • In Series 3, it was a electric blue 2009 Mini Cooper S. This one lacked the white racing stripes the other two had. Interestingly it had the same number plate as the Series 2 Mini; "455 KO".

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