Mike was once the fiancé of Jenny Lewis and they both lived in a London flat.


Nick Cutter came to the flat planning to talk to Jenny about her being another woman in a different timeline but Mike appeared at the door so the professor left. Mike asked who he was and Jenny told him "Someone I work with.". (Episode 2.2)

Nick initially though Mike was Jenny's boyfriend until she revealled she was engaged to him. (Episode 2.3) Jenny also had a picture of Mike in her small office at the Anomaly Research Centre. (The Lost Island) Jenny mentioned that Mike was fortunately not curious about her line of work at the ARC. (Episode 2.4) When his mother threw an engagement party, Jenny believed it to be rather dreary and was grateful to be called away to an Anomaly alert. (Episode 2.5) However, because Jenny could not talk about her line of work, she became distant from Mike, so he called off the engagement. (Episode 2.7)

Appearance and mentions


  • Mike was only known as "Jenny's fiancé" onscreen. He was named in the Episode 2.2 credits.

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