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Mick Harper
Mick Harper
Biographical information
Profession Journalist
Affiliations Evening News
Status Deceased
Production information
Actor/Actress Ramon Tikaram
Appearances Episode 2.6
Episode 3.3
Episode 3.4 (death)
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Michael J. "Mick" Harper was a journalist who wanted to reveal the secrets of the anomalies and the prehistoric creatures to the world and hopefully make a lot of money and become famous.


Episode 2.6

Episode2.6 21

Jenny's first run-in with Mick. (Episode 2.6)

He is seen being pushed back by ARC guards when the team first arrive at the M25. He later attempts to interview a survivor of an elephant attack, but is unable to learn much before Jenny Lewis interrupts him. He notes that images of the creature shows it is too big to be an elephant, and Jenny says it is actually a mammoth, but he assumes she is winding him up. Before Jenny left he vowed that he would find out the truth.

Episode 3.3

He reappeared after realising that Jenny may have in fact been telling the truth, and tries to convince his boss at Evening News, Katherine Kavanagh, of the existence of prehistoric creatures. She believes Mick to be insane but gives him a chance to find proof. Mick goes to Jenny's home and tries to convince her to give up details about the ARC, but she refuses and threatens to sue him for harassment is he shows up again.

Mick decided to take matters into his own hands, and followed her to the ARC, and then followed another car as it was leaving the facility. At the hospital, he notices a rodent-like creature, and locks Abby and Cutter in an operating theatre with a pregnant woman before continuing his search for the creature. When he finds it in the children's ward, he takes a photo of it with his phone and tries (but fails) to catch it. He presents the photo to Katherine later, but she passes it off as a fake, and Mick pleads for one last chance.

Episode 3.4

He steals an anomaly detector from Jenny's car and uses it to find the airport anomaly. Taking along his boss, a film crew and Nigel Marven, he arrives at the airport hangar and sees the anomaly for the first time. When he sees Jenny and Connor arriving in their car, he pretends that a huge creature has come though, and leads them to a cargo hangar, where he promptly locks them in. He then returns to the news team and is pleased when a Velociraptor comes through, which the team catches on camera along with Nigel Marvin's descriptions. The Giganotosaurus then walks through the anomaly and eats Nigel. Mick and his boss, Katherine take cover in their car, which the dinosaur flips over. Later, after Danny had broken them out of the hangar, Jenny and Connor help Mick out of the crushed car, and lock him in the same cargo hangar from earlier. Mick later escapes and runs back with his boss back to the hangar, where they pick up a fallen camera and film Danny's helicopter flying through the anomaly, almost hitting them. After the close call, Mick shoves the camera at Katherine and says 'I Quit!'. Before he can get away, however, the Gigantosaurus comes back at eats both him and Katherine. The camera was eaten too, so therefore Mick's dreams of exposing the anomaly operation were shattered.


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