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  • Hello TroopDude,

    It is good to see you back here at the ARC. Would you be able to give me Bureaucrat status as I have been an active Admin since April 2014?

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  • Hello TroopDude,

    As you may or may not have realised yet, but next year 2017 is the tenth anniversary of Primeval. I would like to spent the whole year celebrating with other fans and users but there is one issue.

    There is currently very little wiki activity happening. Now I can request for Wikia to "spotlight" (promote) our wiki and help improve our wiki's activity. I will also talk to the other dinosaur television show wikis and ask for them to use the "Wikis dedicated to dinosaur TV shows" Template if they haven't already and ask if they can 'advertise' Primeval's 10th anniversary.

    But before I get to carried away with promoting, the actual anniverary celebrations need to be finalised. I have several ideas:

    1. Feature an episode per week and ask for everyone to help contribute to all the pages related to that episode each week. It would start at Episode 1.1 finishing at The Sound of Thunder Part 2 (counting all the stories in Primeval Novels, Evolved and Series 4 Prequels as 1 each) to total 52 weeks.
    2. the same as above but feature a Series per month. Using Series 1, Series 2, Novels, Series 3, Primeval Evolved, Prequel Webisodes, Series 4, Totally Primeval comics, Series 5, Primeval: New World and the making of. specials.
    3. I will ask Wikia if they have any ideas.

    I would like to know what you think or any of your ideas for celebrating and promoting. I will also contact Lythronax and maybe invite old Primeval admins back for some action.

    THE MINISTER, Anomaly Research Centre Contact my Assistant

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    • Hello Lythronax, it is good to hear from you again.

      Would you be able to change somethings on the CSS?

      • Firstly could you change the navibar to a opaque blue colour same as the infoboxes? So they match in shape and colour.
      • And secondly, the colour and transparency of the text backround can not be altered properly on the "Theme Designer". We were thinking of changing it to white (or a lighter colour) and less transparent. Could you see if you can alter the CSS on that one?

      On the twitter account, would you be able to promote the Anniversary in anyway?

      If you have time to help with those things it would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.

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    • Hello, back onto the subject of the 10th Anniversary I devised a small logo tha may be useful using the font I believe the Primeval team used (and then edited) for the official logo. I can add gradients and 'shines' instead of the block colouring also. I also plan to make an anomaly shard insignia version ! :D
      Primeval X Logo (Final)

      Primeval X: 10th Anniversary

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Troopdude,

    I have been looking at all of the car and guns pages and I was thinking we should roll them all into on two List pages, except for major pages like Toyota Hilux, Volvo CX90, EMD, taser rifle. Eg: List of vehicles and List of guns. Therefore removing the need for individual pages for every minor appearance. What do you think? THE MINISTER, Anomaly Research Centre Contact my Assistant

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  • I created an italian primeval fanon wiki

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • What would happen if an anomaly opened up in the middle of someone?

    So for an idea for a fan-fiction episode I've been writing, I wanted an anomaly to open up in the sky and during its opening it cuts an airplane halfway through the airplanes pass, I know considering it would be travelling at around 500mph it would be very quick, but from the evidence of the show what would happen? The airplane slices in half and the back half would fly through the anomaly?

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    • Personally, I think that if an Anomaly opened with something solid not moving in the middle of it, then the solid in question would either pass through to the other side or stay fixed where it was (depending upon the solid's size in comparison to the Anomaly, and whether it was a movable object like a table or something fixed down like a wall). The Mer Creatures' Anomaly, and arguably the Diictodon's, both opened midway through a wall or floor.

      However, if an Anomaly opened with a moving object like an airplane passing by its exact spot, then I think there's a chance that the Anomaly could tear through it if it were moving fastly enough and with enough strength.

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    • Thank you, also I suppose the one in ndew World (forgot the episode name) with the Jurassic Beetles opened on the floor in one time yet mid air in another I believe. It has been a while since I watched it so don't hesitate to prove me wrong :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey TroopDude,

    I have been thinking about the individual Series 4 Prequel Webisodes; currently we have called them:

    • S4 Prequel Episode 1
    • S4 Prequel Episode 2 etc

    I am happy with the collective title (Series 4 Prequel Webisodes) but I believe the individual episodes should be renamed to be shorter. My thoughts are:

    • Webisode 1
    • Webisode 2 etc


    • Webisode 4.1
    • Webisode 4.2 etc

    As there are only 5 webisodes for Primeval, I think we can afford to shorten the names to be less descriptive for the sake of convenience. Unless we go the other way and change them to:

    • Series 4 Prequel Webisode 1
    • Series 4 Prequel Webisode 2 etc

    and then use the episode templates (P4W1 or PS4W1 or PPW4.1) like the Primeval: New World titles. Let me know what you think, but the Webisode titles should be adjusted either way.

    ARC-logo(Series2) MEMBER OF THE ARC | CONTACT THE ARC ARC-logo(Series2)

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    • I agree, this sounds quite reasonable to me. I think 'Webisode 1' is more appropriate than 'Webisode 4.1' since the latter implies it to be part of a fourth webisode series. I also like your idea to add webisode templates.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Sono Crasraptor e ho capito come si disattiva il traduttore automatico e ti ho battuto su Primeval Fanon Wiki e dato che questa è una pagina di messaggio si può parlare in italiano ma non si traduce

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey TroopDude,

    I am interested in making a timeline to display major events in the Primeverse. It would display birthdates, deaths, organisations set up. I was thinking of making two main pages; Timeline/20th Century and Timeline/21st Century. Here is a quick timeline example, Let me know what you think on the original/post-original timeline expression. Eg;

    Timeline/20th Century


    • Helen Ambrose is born.


    • Stephen Hart is born.

    Before 1998/1999

    • Nick Cutter and Helen Ambrose get married and both work at the CMU.
    • Stephen Hart has an affair with Helen Cutter.


    • Helen Cutter leaves the 20th century, via the Forest of Dean Anomaly to travel through the Anomalies.

    Timeline/21st Century

    Before 17 May 2006

    • Stephen Hart becomes Nick Cutter's lab technician at the CMU
    • Connor Temple becomes a student at the CMU.

    Between 17 May, 2006 and 4 March 2007

    Original timeline

    • Home Office discover the Forest of Dean Anomaly. (ref)
    • Tom dies from a Parasite (ref)
    • The Home Office sends a expedition to the Permian. (ref)

    Post-original timeline

    • Home Office discover the Forest of Dean Anomaly.
    • Home Office Anomaly investigation branch moves to the Anomaly Research Centre. (ref)
    • Tom dies from a Parasite. (ref)
    • The Anomaly Research Centre sends a expedition to the Permian and the original timeline Nick Cutter is the only survivor. (ref)(ref)

    4 March 2007


    • Hilary Becker is hired by the Anomaly Research Centre. (ref)
    • TBA


    • The Minister suspends the Anomaly Research Centre


    • Aproximately four months after, being suspended, the ARC is reenstated.
    • James Lester and HIlary Becker are rehired by the ARC.
    • Matt Anderson and Jess Parker are hired by the ARC.


    With the original/post original timelines, should we keep them separate eg;

    • Timeline/20th Century (original timeline)
    • Timeline/20th Century (post-original timeline)
    • Timeline/21th Century (original timeline)
    • Timeline/21th Century (post-original timeline)
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    • Good way of writing a timeline of major events, but you seem to be forgetting the Albertosaurus incident in the 2006 section.

      As for which one of your two versions of the timelines to do, I'd recommend the first one, since the different timelines and alterations aren't always clear in the Primeverse.

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    • I was going to ask about New World, I'm not sure about putting it in the same timeline as Primeval.  I think it should be in a seperate column or page. 

      EDIT: Perhaps I'll imput all the Primeval dates first, then see how New World should fit in.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey TroopDude,

    For next month's poll could we have;

    "Best episode to primarily feature futuristic creature/s?"

    • Episode 1.6
    • Episode 2.4
    • Episode 3.2
    • Episode 3.5
    • Episode 3.8
    • Episode 5.1
    • Episode 5.4
    • Episode 5.6

    Because everyone has a favourite future creature, but how about how good were the episodes. OR

    "If another series of Primeval is made, which departed character would you like to return?"

    • Duncan
    • Caroline Steel
    • Jenny Lewis-Miller
    • Danny Quinn
    • Jack Maitland
    • Ethan/Patrick Quinn

    The producers need to know for when they make a new series

    Member of the ARC | |

    On a side note, I noticed there was no information on the Forest of Dean, Animal-crate storage shed as seen Episode 1.6. I think it deserves its own page or would it be better suited for Wellington Zoo of just in the Forest of Dean page.

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    • I think we can have "If another series of Primeval is made, which departed character would you like to return?" next.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey TroopDude,

    As Primeval: New World has never been release in Australia, I recently decided to buy the US release of the New World DVD. As indicated on the New World page > Deleted scenes, there are several scenes added in the episodes that were not included the original broadcast version (the scenes are not actually deleted). 

    My question is, should we include these additional scenes as a valid source of information for this wiki? as no other pages on this wiki has recorded info from those scenes.

    I, myself would include these as valid as in particular the PNWE1.07 scene of Maj. Douglas and Lt. Leeds talking appears very important, as it sheds light on the former's background and hints at Project Magnet's operation.

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    • I agree; those scenes should be included on this wiki as valid source, since they're extended versions of the episodes rather than extra-features deleted scenes.

      Also, we should probably work on getting the New World characters' biography sections filled, since they've remained under-construction and un-updated beyond the first four New World episodes.

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    • Sure thing. We could just put that those scenes were extras, not included in the original broadcast in the corresponding Episode's trivia.

      I previously did not want to add any information to the New World pages incase it was incorrect (only seeing each episode once) but now that I have the DVD I hope to be more knowledgeable.

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    • A FANDOM user
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