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  • Hello Lythronax, I'm the new bureaucrat on Dinopedia, and I'm just curious if you're willing to come help me there?


    - Memory

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    • Hi. I no longer contribute to palaeontology-based wikis. Sorry.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Sorry I edited the gorgonpsid page on Anomaly Research Centre AKA primeval wiki 5 years ago, please don't block or deleate me, because I always knew that vandalizing is a kind thing to do, which it's not Christ like, so and please forgive my mistake, I won't do it again, I promise, please give me anover chance

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    • Braden, it's been five years since I gave you that warning. I had forgotten about it because, in the grand scheme of things, receiving a warning for adding something immature to an article shouldn't really have much of an impact in the long term. This is why I am absolutely perplexed at the fact that you have felt the need to come back annually to lament on it.

      Truth be told, I really don't care and nor should you. You were never blocked because what you did didn't come anywhere close to being even slightly egregious. You have always had the ability to edit articles so, as much as I admire your dedication, it's truly been misplaced.

      If you want to edit the wiki, feel free but we'd appreciate it if you abstained from writing about gorgonopsids with vendettas in the future. After all, we wouldn't want to warn you again and kickstart another five year letter-writing campaign.

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    • I just kinda made that all up, you know about editing right, becuase my brain is the one that has the ability of thinking and creating

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Lythonax

    As you may or may not have realised yet, but next year 2017 is the tenth anniversary of Primeval. TroopDude and I are planning to spend the whole year celebrating with other fans and users by featuring Episodes, characters and creatures of the week and encouraging lots of contributions. I would like to know if you would be interested in editing/helping next year. (See the full conversation)

    THE MINISTER, Anomaly Research Centre Contact my Assistant

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    • I'll hopefully be able to contribute but I will be a hell of a lot busier next year (GCSEs).

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    • Hello Lythronax, it is good to hear from you again.

      Would you be able to change somethings on the CSS?

      • Firstly could you change the navibar to a opaque blue colour same as the infoboxes? So they match in shape and colour.
      • And secondly, the colour and transparency of the text backround can not be altered properly on the "Theme Designer". We were thinking of changing it to white (or a lighter colour) and less transparent. Could you see if you can alter the CSS on that one?

      On the twitter account, would you be able to promote the Anniversary in anyway?

      If you have time to help with those things it would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • There are still active administrators on Primeval Fanon Wiki?

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  • I apologise if what i was doing on the Stegosaurus page was wrong, but I feel as though the horrible reused footage of the Embolotherium was just horrible. It looks unrealistic and innaccurate and in my eyes shouldn't be the representation of the Stegosaurus on this wiki. I feel as though just because it appeared in the prequel the obvious use of reused footage should discredit is as being the canonical appearance, as I always imagined a true stegosaurus in the house of commons.

    The same thing applies for any novels, why are pages such as Torosaurus not allowed some depiction of an accurate (to our knowledge) Torosaurus from per say 'Walking with Dinosaurs' (it is after all the same CGI FX desginers) just to give the page a little personality and imagination in the true screen form.

    Any animals in novels that don't appear on screen I like to, and many others like to from what I know, use the Walking With CGI models in their imagination.

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    • Hmm, never saw the Prequel in that way. I always presumed from the way that the Matt conversation flowed that the incursion was all the same. Also, the way that hte screaming remained constant, t just appeared like they were sepaking about the same incursion.

      Fair point. However, bearing in mind that Primeval tends to go crazy with using library sound effects (i.e. the Wilhelm scream), it would be safe to assume that they simply continued the scream track into the Forest of Dean incursion.

      You also have to give the creators some credit - even though they can get the creatures' designs dead wrong, I have extreme doubts that they'd be so callous as to use three different creatures with different body shapes and features to represent one entirely different creature.

      Also, the Embolotherium was the scene from where the tent was being attacked by the 'horn', I'm pretty sure the extreme close up of the frame made it very hard to tell it, but I don't think they cut and pasted it onto the commons background.

      Even if that is the case, it does nothing but prove my point that the Stegosaurus scene and the Gorgonopsid/Scutosaurus scenes were captured in a completely different environment at a completely different time of day.

      Either way, your responses are valid. Still a little annyoing though, I don't see a problem with maybe putting it in the trivia as a clear statement that it was a mock-up of a more realistic representation.

      Thank you. However, if for any reason these mock-ups were required on the article, they'd be much better off as a hotlink rather than on the article - you know, to prevent confusion.

      Also, I'd like to also say the red clearly seen in the prequel very distinctly resemebles the red of the tent in 3.9, so I believe it isn't cut at all, just close 'upped'.

      I have already addressed this point.

      Also, I'm not trying to be rude or anything, but what toy creature was in Ben's room if in the Primeval universe the Stegosaurus didn't look anything like that?

      I'm convinced that it is a toy Stegosaurus. It is a toy, not a real creature. Dinosaur figurines always have scientific inaccuracies and seeing as Matt was able to identify the Embolotherium/Stegosaurus as a Stegosaurus, it would be reasonable to assume that the toy has some design issues.

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    • Almost feasible point on the toy, but still, if the toy was a Stegosaurus, sureley it would have a horn as that was solid bone? :P

      Anyway, I completely understand your decisioning here. Thanks for clearing this up :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey TroopDude,

    I created a new background for the wiki. I tried posting it onto the Test wiki's background but I am not an admin so I just uploaded it as an image. Could you and TroopDude check it out to see whether it is worthy of the Anomaly Research Centre.


    Base image for the modified background.

    I modified the PrimevalTitleCard.png to a blue colour, like the Series 1-3 intros and to match the blue technology theme on the ARC. I then removed the title and added the ARC logo. The image is crystal clear but should not distract users from the text they are trying to read.

    Let me know what you think, Member of the ARC | |

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    • Hi! The new background's brilliant. I've just had to adjust the opacity of the content background a bit to complement the text but overall, it's great. Since the background has a teal hue, shall I change the wiki's colour scheme to match it? -- Lythronax (leave a message | edits) 19:30, June 22, 2015 (UTC)

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    • Personally I don't think there's any need to change the wiki's colour scheme and that the current blue and the new background's teal go together quite nicely. Though we can still use the test wiki to see what a teal colour scheme would look like with the new background.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Lythonax,

    As you may or may not have seen, I recently uploaded a GIF on to the wiki where it failed to loop. As I tried to find if any other wikis had this problem, I noticed that barely any had rules/guildlines about GIFs. As we currently have 2 GIFs(aprox), I though we should make some policies before we have any issues. We could attach the policies onto the image Uploading policy.

    Such policies would be like;

    • Users must ask permission from an Admin before uploading any GIFs, you must provide details about you GIFs.
    • Uploaded GIFs must loop.
    • GIFs must follow the image uploading policy eg; must be correctly named and good detail.

    TroopDude has responded positively towards the policies.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, Member of the ARC.

    PS. I still have not mannaged to fix my GIF if you have any suggestions (my source is set to loop continuously).

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    • Apologies for not responding to this. Go ahead, do as you wish. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello TLythronax,

    For a while, I have been wishing to make a template for episodes that lists ALL of the cast and crew for a particular episode. I have placed an example for Episode 1.6 that I created below (the template source is on my Sandbox). I was inspired by the crew templates for Doctor Who episodes on the TARDIS data core. My exact template does not have to be used but I think it is sufficient and space saving. (I could make the template collapsible if required)

    Cast and crew

    Primeval; created by Tim Haines & Adrian Hodges


    • Douglas Henshall as Nick Cutter
    • Lucy Brown as Claudia Brown
    • James Murray as Stephen Hart
    • Mark Wakeling as Captain Ryan
    • Hannah Spearritt as Abby Maitland
    • Andrew-Lee Potts as Connor Temple
    • Ben Miller as Sir James Lester
    • Juliet Aubrey as Helen Cutter
    • John Voce as Tim Parker


    • Stunt Co-ordinator: Nrinder Dhudwar
    • Stunt Performers: Sean Adames, Marvin Campbell, Gordon Seed, John Street

    Camera and Lighting department

    • 1st Assistant Director: Jon Older
    • 2nd Assistant Director: Paula Turnbull
    • 3rd Assistant Director: Helen Chapman
    • Camera Operator: Roger Tooley
    • Focus Puller: Michael Green
    • Clapper Loader: Jon Hurley
    • Camera Grip: Colin Strachan
    • Gaffer: Stuart King
    • Best Boy: Steve Anthony
    • Electricians: Ray 'Basher' Bateman, Dick Conway, Russell Tann

    Costume and makeup departments

    • Costume Supervisor: Graham Meethoo
    • Costume Designer: Joey Attawia
    • Costume Assistants: Agee Johnston, Clare Baldwin
    • Makeup Designer: Jan Sewell
    • Makeup Artists: Carmel Jackson, Vivienne Simpson


    • Transport Captain: John Doran
    • Unit Drivers: Martyn Giles, Simon Hackworth, Wayne McCoy, Mark Williams


    • Supervisor: Beewan Athwal
    • Editor: Nick Arthurs
    • Assistant Editor:Ian Johnson


    • FT2 Trainees: Ahmet Husseyin, Hanh Nguyen

    Head production staff

    • Writer: Adrian Hodges
    • Director: Jamie Payne
    • Executive Producer: Tim Haines
    • Series Producer: Cameron McAllister

    General production staff

    • Production Executive: Sheryl Trinh
    • Production Co-ordinator: Sarah McBryde
    • Assistant Co-ordinator: Sophie Moss
    • Line Producer: Danielle Brandon
    • Production Designer:Anthony Ainsworth
    • Production Accountant: Simon Windsor
    • Assistant Accountant: Georgina Kelly
    • Location Manager: Henry Wooley
    • Assistant Location manager: Katrina Fletcher
    • Casting Director: Jill Trevellick


    • Script Supervisor: Paula Casarin
    • Script Editor: Madeleine Sinclair
    • Series Script Executive: Joanna Anderson

    Art department

    • Director of Photography: Adam Suschitzky
    • Art Director: Jane Broomfield
    • Standby Art Director: Sophia Stapleton
    • Production Buyer: Andy Grogan
    • Props Master: Dempsey Cook

    Special & visual effects

    • Visual Effects and Computer Animation: FRAMESTORE CFC
    • Director of Computer Animation: Mike Milne
    • Animation Lead: James Farringtion
    • Technical Lead: Mark Bailey
    • Visual Effects on Set Supervision: Tim Greenwood
    • Managing Producer Visual Effects: Matt Fox
    • Title design: Peter Anderson Studio
    • Animatronics: CRAWLEY CREATURES
    • Visual Effects Producer: Piers Hampton
    • Special Effects: Paul Fulton, Steve Webster
    • Colourist: Aidan Farrell


    • Composer: Dominik Scherrer
    • Sound Maintenance: Richard Finney AMPS
    • Dubbing Mixer: Stuart Hillker
    • Supervising Sound Editor: Lee Warpole
    • Dialogue Editor: Alex Ellerington
    • Music Supervisors: Douglas Kerrigan, Lee Harris
    • Sound Mixer: John Rodda

    Impossible Pictures for ITV / ProSieben / M6
    Daren Horley was uncredited as the Creature Designer and Texture painter

    Not every person was credited for the final product of this episode. The information above is based solely from observing the start and end credits as broadcasted. The Anomaly Research Centre apologises for anyone who is not credited here.
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    • Sure, go ahead! :)

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    • All the font is supposed to be small, I don't know if yours is showing normal or small. I will make the template soon, fortunately it can be used on the New World episodes as well.

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    • On my computer, most of the text is article-sized, apart from the disclaimer at the bottom.

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    • I have made the Cast&crew template and tested it on the Episode 1.6 page "here".

      As per usual, there are some teething problems: the first bullet point appears as * and the last bullet is bigger than the others. The first bullet point can be "rectified" by putting "< b r >" to drop the bullet down a line but it leaves a large space. I have put "< b r >" on the left column bullet points to fix it but left the right column as source. Could you and TroopDude have a look at the template and see if it can be adjusted?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, Lythronax.

    In regards to problems with the ARC's features, my computer's been experiencing one since the redesign, and I want to check to see whether or not I'm the only one, and if not whether you'd be able to look into it: the issue is that the subcategories on a Category page don't visually show up, there's just the Subcategories heading with nothing underneath.

    Thanks, man.

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    • Hi! I can see the subcategories just fine. Maybe it is just a glitch on Wikia's or your end. Hope this helps. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Someone seems to have replaced the normal blue background of info boxes into pictures of fingers. Is this a hack?

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    • The bird image isn't present on my computer. Have you tried clearing your cache?

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    • "Bird": nice.

      Both my work and home computers were showing it for 2 days after you reverted the image, but when I uploaded the image to the ARC, both my computers reverted. So its fine now.

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    • A FANDOM user
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