The Merison Oil loading facility was an oil tanker loading facility built and controlled by Merison Oil on a coastline in rural British Columbia that Merison Oil were attempting to mine.



After Merison Oil built the tanker loading facility and attempted to mine the coastal waters for oil, it sparked a protest among the upset local people, who subsequently made a siege and protest at the loading facility's front gates.

When the Special Projects Group learned that a Titanoboa was travelling through the local storm drains to the oil-loading facility, Toby Nance had it evacuated just as Evan Cross, Dylan Weir and the Titanoboa arrived inside.

NW1x2 MerisonOilLoadingFacilityMachineryArea

The Merison Oil tanker loading facility's interior. (Sisiutl)

In the facility, Evan got the Titanoboa to pursue him through the facility rather than attack Dylan, and Harlow also arrived and managed to distract the creature from eating Evan while the latter and Dylan turned off the loading facility's noisy machinery. The Titanoboa then left the facility and returned to the drains, and Evan, Harlow and Dylan went out after it.


  • The filming location used for the oil-loading facility's interior appeared to be the same one used for Level A of Cross Photonics.

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