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This Medieval forest was located near to a London town, in Medieval times, and was where an Anomaly to the 21st century opened up.


A Dracorex that had come through an Anomaly from the Cretaceous apparently took up residence in this forest, and caused terror to the nearby town.

When Sir William de Mornay set out from the town to slay the Dracorex, he chased the creature through an Anomaly in the forest leading to 21st century London. After de Mornay was convinced by the Anomaly Research Centre to spare the Dracorex and leave it with them, he returned through the Anomaly to his home, where he was hailed as a hero. (Episode 3.7)



  • Based upon the facts that both sides of the junkyard - Medieval Anomaly were located in London, there is a fan theory that the Anomaly probably linked the exact same spot in two different time zones; meaning the junkyard was built where the Medieval forest used to grow.