Matt was one of three kids in the mid-1990s, alongside Ryan Mason and Patrick Quinn, who broke into the Brooks house for a laugh. However, when Matt and Patrick ran upstairs to check out more of the house while Ryan stayed downstairs, they were apparently attacked when a Camouflage Beast came through an Anomaly that had opened upstairs, and Matt and Patrick both disappeared. (Episode 3.2)

Matt's fate is unknown; the fact that he vanished with Patrick would indicate that he had gone through the Anomaly with Patrick before it closed, but Patrick stated that he'd been all alone during his time in the Camo Beasts' home in the future before he escaped to another time period. (Episode 3.2, 4.7)


  • One theory behind Matt's disappearance and the fact Patrick was all alone in the future is that Matt had indeed gone through the Anomaly with Patrick, but either he was killed or he got separated from Patrick in the Camo Beasts' home time shortly after they arrived.

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