Dr. Mara Fridkin is a doctor for Project Magnet.


The Sound of Thunder: Part 1

After Toby Nance was poisoned by a Brontoscorpio and sent to hospital, Dr. Fridkin attempted to treat her. Fridkin gave Evan Cross instructions to acquire a pure sample of the Brontoscorpio's venom with which the former could develop an antitoxin, and subsequently tried to slow down the Brontoscorpio venom's effects in the meantime.

The Sound of Thunder: Part 2

Just when Toby was about to succumb to the Brontoscorpio venom, Dylan Weir returned with the Brontoscorpio's venom and Dr. Fridkin was quickly able to develop an antitoxin from it for Toby. After Toby was saved, Fridkin cared for her until she could recover.


Dr. Fridkin was shown to care for her patients, and was determined to try and save them.

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