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Mapusaurus is a genus of dinosaur, similar in size to its close relative Giganotosaurus. When arriving in a Cretaceous forest, Connor Temple used Mapusaurus as an example to Danny Quinn of what they might encounter. (Episode 3.10) It may have been the giant theropod seen in this episode, as they are said to look similar to the Giganotosaurus from episode 3.4, to which Mapusaurus is closely related.

Behind the Scenes

  • The subtitles say that Connor actually said Abrosaurus, not Mapusaurus – though the fact that Abrosaurus was a plant-eating sauropod casts doubt on that. Plus, it sounds more like Mapusaurus, which was a huge carnivore, nearly as large as Tyrannosaurus. In Brazil the voice of Connor says Noasaurus.
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