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Primeval follows a secret government research team, which is tasked with investigating doorways through time and space called Anomalies which are opening and allowing deadly creatures from across Earth's distant past and future to cross into and run rampant in the present. While discovering more about the Anomalies, the team must also contain the creatures and send them back through to their time periods.

Primeval: New World follows the Special Projects Group of Cross Photonics - a team of animal experts and scientists led by Cross Photonics visionary inventor Evan Cross - and their investigation into the Anomalies and their attempts to combat the creatures which come through them and put them back where they belong to stop history from changing as they discover the circumstances surrounding the 2006 incursion.


May 2017 - Helen Cutter

Helen Cutter (née Ambrose) was a scientist with clear and controversial ideas about life on Earth. She disappeared on travels through the Anomalies, leaving her husband Nick Cutter to spend the next eight years searching for her. Unfortunately in her later life, Helen's studies, combined with witnessing a bleak future, led her to believe that humanity was to blame for the destruction of everything beautiful on Earth, so she set out to solve the problem...


May 2017 - Terror Bird

Terror Birds were large, carnivorous, flightless birds from between the Early Pliocene and Early Pleistocene epochs of the Cenozoic era. Terror Birds possessed heavily-built bodies - with a long, curved neck, which held a large head equipped with a giant, hooked beak, and small wings which were useless for flight. Terror Birds began as two-foot younglings, maturing to be about eight feet tall. Terror Birds apparently matured quickly, since Leggy grew from a small juvenile to an adult over the course of only a few months.


May 2017 - Series 2

Series 2 of Primeval is the second series of the original British Primeval television programme. Series 2 focuses on the effects on the relationships of, and emotional challenges on the team (primarily Nick Cutter's struggle to cope with losing Claudia Brown), and on Helen Cutter's and Oliver Leek's mysterious plans. After returning from the past to find that Claudia Brown has been erased from time, Nick Cutter is forced to cope with other changes, including that the team are now their own Anomaly-combating organisation called the Anomaly Research Centre.


May 2017 - Episode 5.6

Episode 5.6 is the sixth and final episode of the fifth series of Primeval. Connor has disappeared through Philip’s anomaly, and Matt thinks that his mission is over – Philip has won, and seemingly, nothing has gone wrong. Matt has a decision to make about what to do next – and jumps through the anomaly to save Connor only to find himself in a barren desert world, with Connor struggling in the immense heat and deadly sun’s rays. Worse still, coming towards them are a group of mutated future predators, intent on causing mayhem.


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