The Sun Cage was a metal container, capable of transporting small Anomalies from their original locations. It was named after the Ancient Egyptian Sun Cage.


The metal container was a ribbed cylindrical casing around 1'6" in diametre and height. The container appeared to be designed solely for moving a small man-made Anomaly, by closing opening the container into two halves and then encasing a small Anomaly within. Once the container was sealed properly, the Anomaly could be transported anywhere in the world (not through other Anomalies though). (Episode 5.6)

The exact nature of how the case worked was never explained, but judging by its name, it presumably worked using the same principles as the Ancient Egyptian Sun Cage. Said artifact was capable of moving an open or closed Anomaly to different locations because it was made of the most magnetic rock in the world; Magnetite. (Episode 3.1)


1. Sun Cage Eocene-Present Anomaly

The Egyptian Sun Cage with the Anomaly it moved from Africa to England.

In 2009, after Connor Temple discovered the properties of the Egyptian Sun Cage; Nick Cutter told him to research the use of magnetite and its effects on Anomalies. (Episode 3.1)

By 2011, Connor had created his metal container which he appropriately named "Sun Cage" after the original. When the giant man-made New Dawn Anomaly started expanding and changing the weather uncontrollably, Connor planned to move the First Man-made Anomaly to destabilise the giant one. He then got Matt Anderson to encase his Anomaly in the Sun Cage container which was then taken to the New Dawn site and and the two Anomalies were merged and they destabilised then closed. It is unknown what happened to the container but Matt indicated the truck it was in was destroyed so presumably the container was to. (Episode 5.6)

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