The MD-500E is the executive version of the MD-500, which is a civilian light utility helicopter. It was developed by McDonnell Douglas, an aviation company based in North . It is powered by the 278 horsepower Allison 250-C20 Turboshaft. Danny Quinn borrows one from an airport to deal with a Giganotosaurus.


Episode 3.4

After Quinn rescues Connor Temple and Jenny Lewis from a locked aircraft hangar, he commandeered a parked MD-500E, and used it to distract a Giganotosaurus about to kill Connor. He then hovers near the dinosaur, keeping its attention and allowing the team to develop a new plan. It then became clear that Danny was going to attempt to lead the Giganotosaurus back through the anomaly using the helicopter, so the ARC Team had to return to the anomaly site, and unlock it so that they could make it through. Quinn then flew the helicopter into the hangar and through the anomaly, the Giganotosaurus following closely after it. He must have either found a decent landing site, because on his return, he was without the helicopter. Connor then closed the anomaly, leaving the million-pound helicopter eighty million years in the past.

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