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Lorraine Wickes
Biographical information
Profession Assistant
Affiliations Anomaly Research Centre
Status Unknown
Production information
Actor/Actress Claire Spence
Appearances Episode 2.6
Episode 2.7
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Lorraine Wickes was an employee at the Anomaly Research Centre who served as James Lester's assistant after Oliver Leek was revealed to have been working against the team.


After being hired, she noticed the Anomaly Detection Device had locked itself onto an external mainframe. Lester demanded that she stopped it but she couldn't but realised that information was being downloaded from Oliver Leek's computers to the ADD. She then showed Lester this information.

Later on, Lorraine watched as Leek and Lester exchanged verbal barbs, through the ADD, before Lester decided to change channels to watch some snooker, causing her to chuckle at the witty remark. Her expression quickly turned to one of shock as Leek revealed his Praetorian Guard of Future Predators and threatened to have them brutally dismantle his captive; Nick Cutter unless the Special Forces descending on his position were called off. However, Cutter disabled the Clamps, causing the Predators to turn on and kill Leek, live on screen. Lorraine and two staff members couldn't bring themselves to watch, averting their eyes from the grisly sight, while Lester observed the gory death of his former assistant then turned to Lorraine and casually asked her to switch it off. (Episode 2.7)

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