Lloyd was Sir Richard Bentley's assistant. He was infected by Future Fungus and marooned in the future.


He was at Bentley's apartment to collect some paperwork and was admiring the art pieces when he came across an anomaly. Assuming it was a new piece his boss had collected, he was was intrigued by it when his phone was sucked into it by the magnetic field. He ventured through the anomaly to get his phone back, and came out in a rainforest in the future and recovered the phone.

Bewildered by what was happening, he explored and came across a bizarre object, and was covered in spores by the strange Future Fungus. He returned to the flat, and tried to phone Bentley for help, but because he couldn't speak it was assumed to be a prank call and he was fired. The anomaly closed on Lloyd as he fell back through into the future, though not before he vomited up several spores. There was no trace left of him except for

Lloyd investigating the Future Fungus, shortly before being infected.

his mobile phone. He presumably succumbed to the fungus in the future and turned into a Fungus Creature. (Episode 3.5)


Lloyd was shown to be a very professional young man who possessed a great admiration for Bentley. He was loyal to his boss, even though Bentley apparently did not think very highly of him.

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