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The Art Museum - Victorian Warehouse Anomaly is an Anomaly linking an art museum in 21st Century London to a warehouse in 1868 London.


Episode 5.3

This Anomaly opened up and a Raptor came through to the present from Victorian London. When the ARC team arrived, Becker tricked the Raptor into going back through the Anomaly. When the team discovered moments later from a Victorian newspaper that had blown through that the Anomaly actually linked to 1868 and not the Raptor's home time, Matt Anderson went through into Victorian London.

After Matt captured the Raptor with Emily Merchant's help, they threw it down a stairway back through the Anomaly into the present. Matt then returned through the Anomaly, and Emily followed him when her husband Henry shot at her. Henry also followed Emily through the Anomaly to take her to pay for her alleged role in the Spring-Heeled Jack killings, but was killed by the Raptor before he could do any harm.


  • Some fans believe that this Anomaly may lead to the exact same location on both sides, as both sides of the Anomaly are located in London.

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