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This article is written from the real world point of view (not from the Primeval Universe).

A list of creatures that where at some point scheduled/planned to appear in the Primeval, but were ultimately cut at some point during production.


Home time period Late Cretaceous period
Creature type Theropod Dinosaur
Planned appearance Series 1

According to the Primeval Activity Books, Therizinosaurus was scheduled to appear in the first series of the show, but was ultimately cut. They resemble the Velociraptor from Chased by Dinosarus, a series that was previously created by Impossible Pictures and was hosted by Nigel Marven.


Home time period Late Jurassic - Late Cretaceous period
Creature type Theropod Dinosaur
Planned appearance Series 1

According to the Primeval Activity Books, Carcharodontosaurs were scheduled to appear in the first series of the show, but were ultimately cut.

Future Reptile

Home time period Future
Creature type Reptile
Planned appearance Episode 1.6

During production of Series 1 of Primeval, when it was decided to include a creature from the Future, the Future Reptile was originally proposed and designed for this. However, the crew ultimately cut the Reptile (as they felt to looked too similar to a Dinosaur, and they wanted the Future creature to have a more distinct appearance), and replaced it with a similar looking mammal.


Home time period Late Cretaceous period
Creature type Theropod Dinosaur
Planned appearance Episode 5.3

Tim Haines claimed that a Balaur would appear in Series 5, in "programme ten" (Episode 5.3), but a Raptor featured in that episode instead. It is believed that Haines was referring to the Swimming Theropod featured in Episode 5.2.


Home time period Early Triassic period
Creature type Synapsid
Planned appearance Series 5

Hannah Spearritt claimed that a Thrinaxodon would appear in Series 5, but this never happened. It has been suggested that Spearritt was actually referring to the Therocephalians in Series 4.

"Create your own Creature Competition" creatures

The Create Your Own Creature Competition was a 2008/9 Primeval competition for viewers to create an original Future creature, the winner of which would be shown in Series 3. Several runner ups were considered by the production crew but all lost to the Megopteran.


Chaos the Anomaly Creature
Home time period Future
Creature type Anomaly creature
Planned appearance Series 3

Chaos, the anomaly creature, was designed by Indy Taylor, who lived in Bramhall, Stockport and was 10 years old in 2009. As shown by the sketch, it is a rather bizzare creature, it is made up of several anomalies and creatures, including the Future Predator, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pteranodon and Utahraptor.

« "Anomalies may be a new phenomenon in the 21st century, but in the future, they are a permanent fact of life and over thousands of years, the magnetic energy contained within these doorways in time has manifested a new species. Welcome to Chaos, creature of the anomaly. A magnetic life form that can consume those that pass through time. Life forms are not eaten, but disappear into a black hole, a void. This causes dramatic rips in history and can cause complete disappearance of a person, a species, an era. Did you ever wonder what happened to Claudia Brown?" »
— Indy's description.




Home time period Devonian/Future
Creature type Fish
Planned appearance Series 3

Dunkleodon was designed by Richard James Patridge, who lived in Studley, West Midlands and was 20 years old in 2009.

« "This creature is a highly evolved version of the Dunkleosteus. It lives in a harsh environment which consists of dry rocky plains. Its key features are its incredible jaws and powerful front limbs which it uses to smash through rocks and armored prey. It will slowly stalk its prey until the prey seeks refuge. Surprisingly this is where the prey is most vulnerable as it is trapped.The Dunkleodon will literally smash through dense rock in order to reach its meal. As it has no predators its rear end is not armored which helps to save energy." »
— Richard's description.


Home time period Future
Creature type Reptile
Planned appearance Series 3

Draptersaurus was designed by Christopher Bryant, who lives in Banstead, Surrey and is 12 years old.

« "The draptersaurus has yellow saliva mixed with blood from its victim spilling out its mouth. It has mega strong teeth. It has an arm that's been removed and sewn back together by someone and razor sharp claws on its remaining hand can swipe and destroy anything it wants too. The horrible looking talon on its tail does the same as the claws but is stronger. Its tail is super strong and its skin is impossible to penetrate. It is able to run very fast but can't see or smell very well. Its best background is in an area with grass." »
— Christopher's description.

Ladybird-Flea Hybrid

Primeval creature3
Home time period Future
Creature type Arthropod
Planned appearance Series 3

The Ladybird-Flea Hybrid was designed by Jon Joseph Brumby, who lived in Rochester, Kent and was 38 years old in 2009. It is possible that the hybrid was the basis for the Giant Burrowing Insect from Series 5.

« "Ladybird/flea hybrid; the mouth functions like the spring-jaw of a diving-beetle larva for catching smaller prey; it otherwise uses its sharp tongue to drink blood - this doubles as an ovipositor, for injecting eggs beneath the skin - the grubs from which strip muscle-tissue, working into the organs once the muscle-mass has been withered; the most vital organs are left until last, so the host can continue to feed the maggots - which by this time are competing with one another by cannibalism, so that the strongest one of them will finally emerge from the host in larval form." »
— Jon's description.




Home time period Future
Creature type Hominid mammal
Planned appearance Series 3

Mandron was designed by Jake Mansbridge, who lived in Lowestoft, Suffolk and was 15 years old in 2009.

« "The Mandron is the bipedal 'missing link' between apes and a new, better race of man, they are hairless and thin yet still have a muscled body. They have a large brain and are of near intelligence to humans. They have long thin arms with massive hands to grip branches. Their skin is smooth and streaked.They have several thick spines down their necks. The Mandron's feet are bent inwards to walk, but when climbing are used to grip branches like its hands. It has a huge tail with primitive 'fingers' to feel its surroundings." »
— Jake's description.

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