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A list of unnamed personnel who were employed by the Anomaly Research Centre. This page does not include any Special Forces soldiers, divers and medics.

Personnel at the first Anomaly Research Centre

Talking men

The talking men's position were unknown. They were seen chatting when Professer Nick Cutter walked down the hallway. (Episode 2.1) It is unknown if they survived when a Future Predator was released in the ARC. (Episode 2.6)

Female employee

The female employee's position was unknown. She greeted Cutter as she walked down the hallway, but he did not respond as he did not recognise her due to having changed the timeline. (Episode 2.1)  She survived the Future Predator incursion, as she was later seen working in the ops room after the attack. (Episode 2.6)

Male employees and scientist

The male employees and scientists were seen talking in the laboratory that over looks the operation rooms. (Episode 2.1) It is unknown if they survived the Future Predator incursion. (Episode 2.6)

Human Resources

Three people who were believe to be the Human Resources were welcoming Jenny Lewis on her second day, in the operation rooms. Later, the woman in the green shirt was seen talking to a female scientist. (Episode 2.2) It is unknown if they survived the Future Predator incursion. (Episode 2.6)

Female analyst

The female analyst was studying some creature x-rays and was startled when Nick Cutter punched Stephen Hart. She was either on Cutter's wild goose chase or absent when the Future Predator attacked as she appeared after the incursion. (Episode 2.6)


The ARC Scientist was working in one of the labs when he/she was killed by the Future Predator, leaving only their broken glasses and blood. (Episode 2.6)

Male and female employees

The man and woman's positions were unknown. They were either on Cutter's wild goose chase or absent when the Future Predator attacked. (Episode 2.6) They first appeared in the operations room alongside James Lester and Lorraine Wickes, watching the Anomaly Detector as Leek was killed by his captive Predators. The woman averted her eyes in disgust. (Episode 2.7)

Asian lady

The Asian lady's position was unknown. She was present at both attacks on the ARC, being taken hostage during Helen Cutter and Christine Johnson's invasions of the ARC (Episode 3.3, Episode 3.6). She also was seen having a seemingly meaningful conversation with Danny Quinn, when he was still a fugitive. (Episode 3.5) During Johnston's occupation of the ARC, she helped Abby Maitland, Connor Temple, Danny and Sarah Page by sending them coordinates for a safehouse. (Episode 3.6) She watched Helen Cutter take Christine Johnson hostage. (Episode 3.9)

Jenny Lewis' public relations team

Jenny's team of public relations workers were said to continue working with the ARC after Jenny Lewis left. Their job was to come up with cover stories to tell the public, convincing them that they did not see what they really did. They made up a cover story for the Maidenhead floods and Deinosuchus/Velociraptor incursions. (Fire and Water)

  • Their presence explains why another public relations manager was not appointed after Jenny's retirement.

Personnel at the second Anomaly Research Centre

Emergency ARC teams

The emergency ARC teams were a number of quickly assembled teams made up of Abby Maitland, Hilary Becker, all other Anomaly Research Centre personnel and Special Forces soldiers. They were called in during the 2011 Convergence to deal with the hundreds of creatures making their way to the present day, and the entire operation was coordinated by Jess Parker and James Lester.

The pair sent all the teams to any new Anomaly sites were they would deal with any creatures and lock the Anomalies. Like in many military systems, teams names were assigned using the NATO Phonetic Alphabet (e.g. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc). Many teams, such as Team Delta, did not survive the encounters, and even more failed to stun the creatures and lock the anomalies. (Episode 5.5)

Male and female field agents

At some point in the near-past or future, Connor and two other field agents dealt with an Albertosaurus rampaging through London, and sent it back through its Anomaly. The male team member started to set up a Locking Mechanism, when the Albertosaurus returned and took new team member Kieran Coles through with it, Connor went through the Anomaly after Kieran. The female team member told Connor to be careful, before he left.

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