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This article is written from the real world point of view (not from the Primeval Universe).

A list of creature point of views. Sometimes in Primeval and Primeval: New World, a shot would be shown from a creature’s point of view. It was almost always when someone was about to be attacked. Primeval usually had a few a series, whereas New World had some nearly every episode.

Episode What and when
1.1 As a Gorgonopsid was attacking in a school, it noticed a female dinosaur painting on a wall.

A false creature’s point of view was shown of a city street with people walking. At the end of the first scene, an actual creature’s view was shown, when an illegal Python emerged out of a toilet, it saw a small boy in a bathtub.

1.5 When Claudia Brown was knocked unconcious, she got concusion. Twice her point of view was seen, once really blurry and a later one which was grey and clearer. 

Throughout Episode 1.6, numerous shots of two Future Predators’ echolocation visualisation were shown;

  • one; when a predator first sees a Special Forces guard.
  • two; stalking Abby Maitland, but is confused when several elephants arrive.
  • one; stalking Tim Parker, in the Wellington Zoo.
  • one; as a predator approaches Abby and Stephen, at the sea-lion pool. 
  • two; one attacking Connor Temple and another approaching Abby.
  • four; two attacking the team in a storage sheds then Nick Cutter, and two as Cutter confuses and kills it in a greenhouse.
  • one; of the team just before a predator returns through the Permian Anomaly.
  • one; of the mother predator's babies in a cage, guarded by a Special Forces soldier in the Permian.
2.3 Smilodon's vision was seen as it attacked a paintballer at a theme park.
2.6 Neural Clamped Future Predator’s echolocation visualisation was shown as it attacked James Lester in the Anomaly Research Centre.
2.7 Four shots from another Predator’s view were seen as it stalked/attacked Cutter in the Creature Prison.

Pristichampsus observed the ARC team before it returned into the Sun Cage.

In a flashback, some soldiers were seen from a Predator's echolocation view.
3.8 Danny Quinn

was seen from the eyes of a Megopteran as it attacked him.

A predator’s echolocation visualisation was seen as it stalked the team in the near future. Later on, Abby and Danny's heart beets were seen as a Predator attacked them.


Two other other Megopterans' point of views were seen. One of Danny, Abby and Connor in the near future and one as Captain Becker and Sarah Page searched a building.

Vision from a Raptor was seen moments before it attacked Helen Cutter.

4.4 Two Therocephalian's point-of-views were shown, one when it killed Mr. George and the other when stalking some boys.
5.6 A Future Predator's echolocation visualisation was seen when it was about to attack Connor.

Primeval: New World


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