Warrant Officer LIsa Merriweather was officer in the Canadian Army. She was assigned to Project Magnet to help Lieutenant Ken Leeds after the project's reactivation in 2012.


After Angelika Finch turned down an assistant role that Leeds had offered, the later asked Colonel Henderson Hall to assign him one. the Colonel arranged for Lisa to be posted to Leeds' office. (Clean Up on Aisle Three)


After setting up in Ken's office, Lisa found a video on the internet called "Freaking live Dino" in which a live Triceratops was seen. Toby Nance from the Special Projects Group called the office and tried to ask for Ken Leeds help but Lisa only took a message. Lisa then told Ken about the call so he could dispatch a team to collect the specimen.

Lisa later greeted Ken as he arrived back from the Triceratops incursion.

The Great Escape

Lisa was reorganising Leeds' boxes of old file/cases. Ken spotted her and was concerned as the files had highly classified content. Lisa assured Ken that while he had been on his own for a while, she did not want to upset him. She then asked him if the Project was really dealing with "Dinosaur" incursions, he joked that he could not tell her because it was classified but then confirmed her suspicions.

Later on, when Evan Cross and Dylan Weir from the SPG started banging on the office's door Lisa was unsure if she should let them in or not. Leeds allowed them in and they confronted the Lieutenant about an escaped Terror Bird. Ken then asked Lisa to go get some coffee for the Special Projects Group but Lisa was unsure if she should leave Leeds alone with the angry people. However Leeds pulled rank and made her go get some decaffeinated coffee.


Lisa Merriweather appeared to be slightly under confidant but extremely efficient at her job. She was shown to care about her superior, Ken Leeds as she was concerned for his welfare when the SPG interrogated him.

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