The Land Rover 110 is a large SUV produced by British motor company, Land Rover. Produced from 1983 to 1990, the 110 features a 2.5 litre, 85 horsepower engine, and four wheel drive, which allowed it to be an excellent off-road vehicle.


Episode 2.3

After an unknown big cat began attacking the patrons at a local amusement park, the ARC Team investigated the incursion. The team went into the woods near the paintballing area at night with Night-vision goggles to see if they could find the animal. Stephen Hart heard noises of something moving around, but in looking, only found a broken down Land Rover 110, and the assistant manager of the park, Valerie Irwin. She stated that the car had broken down, and requested that Stephen give her a ride home.


Stephen chases Valerie's Land Rover.

Later, while the ARC Team is discussing how they will set traps to detain the cat, Valerie pulls up in her Land Rover. When Stephen noted that she had gotten it fixed, she replied saying that there was a problem with the clutch, and that a local mechanic had a look at it, and fixed it.

When Nick Cutter infiltrated Valerie's house under suspicion that she had been harboring a Smilodon, he found a picture of her with the prehistoric cat as a cub. He then called Stephen, who then diverted his course to Valerie's house. However, upon doing this, he saw Valerie's Land Rover driving in the opposite direction. He immediately turned the truck around and gave chase to her vehicle, believing that she might be taking the Smilodon and releasing it to kill someone else. He chased the SUV for a fair distance, honking the horn and flashing his high-beams, until the driver finally pulled over to the side of the road. With guns drawn, Stephen and the rest of the team approached the vehicle. They opened the back doors only to find a dog, and someone other than Valerie was driving.


  • The Land Rover used in Episode 2.3 is a left-hand drive model, suggesting that it originally was used in another country.
  • Due to the body styling and colouration, the Land Rover is most likely one that was bought military-surplus; possibly from Australia.

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