Lambert Smith Company was an advertising firm with a proven track record in the premium drinks arena.


In 2007, Nagata Beer was looking to expand their beer into the UK market. Mr. Nagata was in a video conference with the Lambert Smith Company with Terry and Shelley Mitchell, negotiating a £5 million business deal to make Nagata Beer the top Japanese beer in the UK market within the next 2-3 years. Shelley believed that the beer appealed to younger women in upper income groups.

When a strange fog setting off the fire alarm in the building, Terry told Shelley to continue with the meeting. Later, when the fog smell entered the office, Shelley had to distract Mr. Nagata with mock up video presentations of the advertisements while they dealt with the situation. Terry then left the office to get help but was attacked and eaten by a Precambrian Worm, leaving Shelley and the other employee cowering behind the table.

Eventually, Mr. Nagata resumed the communication to tell Shelley that he'd been convinced by the presentation, stating he look forward to working with her company and congratulated her; at which Shelley comically leaned out over the table into view to thank Mr. Nagata, before using her laptop to fend off a worm that then tried to get into the office leaving Mr. Nagata shocked. They were then saved by the Anomaly Research Centre team and escorted out of the building where they were debriefed by Jenny Lewis. (Episode 2.2)

Nagata Presentation

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